How to Get a Government Job In India ?

Govt Jobs

How To get a government jobs 2020 in State level or Central level in India 2020 you should have attitude of fulfill your Goal.

First off all you should set your goal according to your qualification and passion, because for each and every govt jobs qualifications requirement are different. Not considering only qualification there is one point called passion or interest, You may not be interested for all India govt jobs available. Eg: If you are interested in Banking job ,then your goal may be IBPS PO,Clerks,SO etc, you may not be interested for railway job or insurance job though you have the minimum qualification for both of them.

Government Jobs in India and How To Get a Jobs

1. Banking industry (clerck /po/so)
2. Insurance comany manager
3. Ssc (ldc/udc)
4. Teacher in primary school/higher secondary (graduation)
5. Maharatna, navratna , ratna , miniratna companies recruitment ( , company secretary, iti)
6. Railway (, iti, )
7. C.a/icwa/cs
8. MBA from top 20 b-school in india

How to Get a government jobs in India


For banking , ssc , insurance , railway and ratna company you have to simply command on your 10 level math( arthematics, p/l, mensuration , problem on ages , height & distance , alzebra , p&c) , reasoning ( sitting arrengement , input/output, coding -decoding, odd one out, direction sense, blood relation)

English (go through the articles in news paper and collect word, sentence arrengement , fill in the blank with suitable words , comprehension ,anto-syno)

Computer knowledge ( short cut key, generation of computer, super computer, inventor of different commands, )

GK ( award & honour , merger & acqusition , people discharge , people appointed , book released, game & sports , name of different trophy and their related game, )

For .CA you will have to crack cpt(common profiency test) in cs you can directly registered

For mba entrance, above maths , reasoning ,computer ,gk as well as anlytical skills are needed like – case base problem solving should be there

After deciding the goal:-

Apply the job which suits according to your interest. Do not blindly apply each and every jobs because you know IBPS PO and IBPS clerks are not the same and you may not be comfortable to these both job though both are government job. After taking the proper knowledge from various source you can go for apply. After applying (may be when you set your goal) do proper study ,refer the various guide books,watch news ,read newspaper to get General Knowledge. Practice more and more,refer previous years question papers to get an idea of questions.

After getting a confidence on your applied post you will surely get a good score in your test/interview. Once you pass or score good, government job is your’s. you may fail or score less, but Don’t lose hope and don’t give up. Try again and again to achieve your Goal.

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