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ICAI: 100 % Digital Evaluation of Answer sheets from May-2020

ICAI has taken a big step forward towards the technological reforms in the evaluation of answer sheets. ICAI has decided to move towards 100% digital evaluation of answer books from May 2020 examinations onwards wherein all the answer books of all the subjects of Intermediate (old and new Course), Foundation and Final course (old and new course) will be evaluated digitally.

ICAI portal for 100 %Digital Evaluation of examination.
ICAI Digital evaluation empanelment portal

For this ICAI has invited empanelment from its members to act as Examiners for evaluation of answer books of Chartered Accountants Examinations.

Examination Which will be Digitally Evaluated

As per the scheme of digital evaluations of examinations the following Examination will be digitally evaluated by the examiners.

Chartered Accountancy Foundation Examination

P-1 Principles and Practice of Accounting
P-2 Sec.  A: Business Laws
Sec.  B: Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting
Part I : Business Laws
Part II : Business Correspondence and Reporting

Chartered Accountancy Intermediate Examination

PapersExisting Syllabus (Exam will be held up to May’20)New Syllabus
P -2Business Law, Communication and EthicsCorporate & Other Laws
P-3Cost Accounting and Financial ManagementCost and Management Accounting
  Section A: Income Tax Law
  Section B: Indirect Taxes
P-5Advanced AccountingAdvanced Accounting
P-6Auditing and AssuranceAuditing and Assurance
P-7Sec.  A: Information TechnologyEnterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management
  Sec.  A: Enterprise Information Systems
 Sec. B: Strategic ManagementSec. B: Strategic Management
P-8———Financial Management and Economics for Finance

Chartered Accountancy Final Examination

PapersExisting Syllabus (Exams will be held up to Nov’20)New Syllabus
P-3Advanced Auditing and Professional EthicsAdvanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
P-4Corporate and Allied LawsCorporate and Economic Laws
P-5AMAStrategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
P-6ISCAElective Paper (One to be chosen from the list of Elective Papers)
  Elective Papers
  6A: Risk Management
  6B: Financial Services & Capital Markets
  6C: International Taxation
  6D: Economic Laws
  6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards
  6F: Multidisciplinary Case Study
P-7DTDT Laws & International Taxation

Eligibility Criteria for Examiners

To apply for empanelment form to act as an examiner in chartered accountants examination the Chartered Accountants should have a minimum of five years standing in practice or in service. Further requirements and eligibility criteria is given as follow:-

  • Chartered Accountants have a minimum of five years standing in practice or in service.
  • University Lecturers/Professors who have minimum 5 years teaching experience are eligible to act as examiner.
  • ICWA, ACS, M.Com, Post Graduates in Economics or Law, Lawyers, IT Professionals, MBA (Finance) and other professionals with minimum 5 years of experience, either in academic or in practice or in employment are eligible for applying. Those who have work experience having direct relevance to subjects(s) of examination(s) will be preferred.
  • Persons who are above the age of 70 years are not eligible.
  • Persons who are visually impaired or suffer from such other physical disabilities that might necessitate taking the assistance other person for the evaluation of answer books are not eligible.
  • Persons who are undergoing Chartered accountancy Course of the Institute are not eligible.
  • Persons who have applied and were rejected earlier from the Panel are eligible for applying again after a gap of 1 year from the date of rejection.
  • Those who are already empanelled and have not been rested/removed need not to apply. Their candidature will be considered a normal course, at the appropriate time.
  • Persons engaged or associated with the coaching center activities are not eligible. Those who have ceased to be associated with the coaching centers are permitted after a gap of 5 years.

Honorarium for evaluation of answer books

ExamPaperRate (Physical Evaluation)Rate (Digital Evaluation)
CA Foundation1 & 2Rs 100/- per ans. bookRs 100/- per ans. book
CA Intermediate(IPC)1,2,3,5,6 & 8Rs 125/- per ans. bookRs 150/- per ans. book
CA Intermediate(IPC)Sectional papers carrying 50 marks each (Paper 4A, 4B, 7A & 7B)Rs 90/- per ans. bookRs 100/- per ans. book
CA Final8-JanRs 160/- per ans. book 

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